Sonia’s sister, Cuky, was a Lomi Lomi practitioner who trained under a master Kahuna in Hawaii. Cuky’s dream was to do an event in Hawaii called Translucent You. With eleven healers she would host 30 travelers for a 6 day over-the-top makeover in Kauai. Over a 10 year period, starting in 2000, we journeyed to Poipu, Kauai to set up the temple twice a year to wash the past from the 30 who came. The experience aligned music, spoken word, inspiration, body work, emotional therapy, channeling, spontaneity, dance, and the power of the Earth herself into a transformational peeling and rebirth. It was a miraculous experience for so many.

For me, it culled all my skills and forced me to trust the moment, follow guidance, and celebrate the moment and its infinite power. The music fed the body work and release. The music propelled the words channeled and spoken into the depths of the soul, cleansing the old paradigms. The music called the energy of the ancient land to cleanse the energetic field of all. The music washed me clean and laid me on the altar of now…with a willingness to do the next thing. And the next thing would take me deeper into the place where the music was born.

Mark’s Musical Journey