Sonia was signed to Hay House publishing, the premier New Thought publishing company of the time. She insisted that I be a part of her events. We both knew that what we were doing was powerful and riding a wave of empowering people through music, word, and vibration. It was flowing along with the shifts that had begun in 1987 for the planet and her inhabitants. We were simply doing what we were called to do. Hay House had begun facilitating international tours with a group of authors. The Mystical Tour put Sonia and me, John Holland, Doreen Virtue, and others together for extended promotional events in England, Scotland, South Africa, and Australia. The sphere of influence grew as the work that Sonia and I were birthing was being felt by  large numbers of willing and hungry recipients. My creations were expanding as well. Sonia penned a new book at least once a year so I was writing to support those as well.

Our workshops were spontaneous, frivolous, empowering, and revolutionary. I was reaffirming first hand the capacity of intentional sound, song, chant and mantra to significantly impact the energetic beings before us. Being as open as I was I had started to pick up on the ancient use of the music in the lands we visited. With each new raising of vibration I was given new ideas to incorporate. My exposure was leading me to need to explore the very nature of sound to find out what was feeding the depth of the music. It was like a fire burning from within. Everywhere we went I felt the music and vibration of the ancients breathing a higher frequency into me. I could hardly keep up with the pace. It was such a fertile and profound time

Mark’s Musical Journey