As Unity of SLO was a vibrant spiritual center during the early 90’s, it was attracting a growing flood of New Age authors and speakers. I had started leading workshops and supporting speakers at Unity and had seen how the songs I created were so impactful. My work with the youth had forced me to create short, singable songs that would support a key idea. I started doing this with workshop content and found that people could experience a deeper integration of the information.

After pitching my idea unsuccessfully  to musically support an author on stage, I had the good fortune to get booked at an Adults of Unity conference in Kansas City at Unity Village. It was there that I met author, Sonia Choquette, to begin an association that lasted over 15 years. I took her book content and, using key points, wove a series of songs to support the workshop or book signing, and learned to trust the flow while listening to her speak. The more I trusted, the more we began to connect together and ride an energetic current that seriously impacted the audience.

We were creating a new form of  using music and spoken word in an organic dance. It was cutting edge and  very powerful… the audiences grew as the vibration was cultivated. Pictured here at an extended workshop with Sonia at The Crossings in Austin, Texas. Our experience was about to take off in ways that I had not expected or intended…

Mark’s Musical Journey