Towards the end of the 80’s the Whales Knees morphed into a variation of personnel with Glen Rathbone on guitar, Jim Sylvester on bass, and Steve Boydston on drums. Some of the old originals were still played but it was becoming predominantly a cover band with focus on the music from the 50’s through the 80’s, including all styles. As a premier wedding band in the area our repertoire was long and diverse. We could play up to 8 hours without repeating a song. We became masters of keeping people on the dance floor by playing one song after the next in a guidance of energy (which I knew nothing about…just saw the results of our methods). Too much club work combined with my day job as a 4th grade teacher in Paso Robles, California schools contributed to a growing yearning for something deeper. In the late Winter of 1987 I sought community and walked into Unity Church on a fateful Sunday morning in February.

Mark’s Musical Journey