Good Vibes Celebration was a direct result of the inspiration from Translucent You and the tools and skills gathered along the way. To engage sound consciously is to open the door to infinite form and possibility. In the spirit of celebration we open up automatically. Our cells resonate with anticipation of the joy frequency. In this state we take risks and go beyond our self-imposed walls to find that we are so much more than we have allowed. In this state the reawakening occurs. We suddenly remember who we are. We are not here to suffer but, rather, are journeying to remember our individual and collective magnificence. I have found that music as frequency and intention is a primary vehicle to assist us in coming home to the knowing of our Source. Gathering as community in the vibration of music amplifies the experience to reveal the the first glimpses of our Oneness. In this Aquarian epoch we flow into the sweetness and expanse that comes from unifying our unique I Am Self with those of all in this Multi-dimensional nurturing soup of life.

Mark’s Musical Journey