Then, unexpectedly, in late 2009, the cosmos called from a distant place. The work with Sonia and the journey with Hay House took a detour and I found myself  on my own again. With all that I had gathered and learned I was thrust into the land of within. As 2012 loomed on the horizon, I descended into the wounds unfaced. With all I had learned about vibration I was setting up the opportunity to work personally with frequency and intention. I was quickly learning how the chakra system had dutifully stored the energies of the unexpressed woundings in my cells and tissues, awaiting my conscious release.

My inner wisdom had created the space for me to enter the kingdom…and I did so with open heart, mind, hands, and spirit. I was drawn to more bowls, quartz and Tibetan, native rattles, tuning forks, gongs, shakers, recordings, harmonic vocalizations, mantras, chants, and a rush of creations that I call intentional songs. I had everything I needed. I entered the dark night and chronicled it with new songs and techniques. I was born again into a new vibration, a higher frequency of the old me and entered a land of self acceptance and value and trust. I found that I was becoming fluid in the moment, accepting and speaking the guidance as it came. I heard a direction and moved. It showed up in working with others and so I started to create specific opportunities for this new capacity to be shared more.

Mark’s Musical Journey