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“...your music has had such an impact on my life as well as my families'. My husband and I met you at Goldbar several years ago. We have literally worn out your Holy Cafe CD. The music is so uplifting and inspirational that we start each day with it. I've incorporated it into my morning routine. I really relate to "Angels Laughing” and am soothed by, “I'm as God Made Me”. Obviously, as a Mother, I enjoy “Mother's Love” hoping that one day, my son will know just how precious he is and will always be...and of course, if only the world would order from the menu at the Holy Cafe, we'd be in a much better place.. Anyways, I just want you to know how much your music has impacted our lives! Thank you so much for your contributions to our happiness!! We love you!!!”...Barbara, Goldbar, WA

"She gave me your new Holy Cafe and True Balance CDs while she was here over Christmas vacation. I haven't even started listening to True Balance yet because I am so hooked on Holy Cafe!  It is absolutely wonderful, you have reached a new level of brilliance. I have been just letting it run in my car (like a loop) so I have gotten to know every word and nuance. (we live in the sticks so I do a lot of long distance driving)."..Chris

"I bought your CD, Sing Your Heart's Desire, and haven't stopped playing it since I've been home. It has a way of "getting inside", truly speaking to my heart. One of my favorites is "Born". Mark, you have wonderful gifts with your voice, music, and writing. Thank you so much for sharing!"...Leesa

"I received the gift of your offering of sound today at Sonia's workshop. I thanked you for the very important work you are doing at the end. I bought 2 of your CD's and I've got to tell you that "my cup runneth over!" My body has been suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for nearly 30 years now. I feel supercharged and overjoyed with a surge of life and love - I completely forgot what that feeling was like! Thank you Mark for your bright sparkling light - sometimes being contagious is a good thing!!"...Jill

"I have to tell you that when I listen to your CDs that I purchased when you last visited Sacramento, I feel like your words are like prayers coming straight from my heart. I've had this experience with a few songs, but not two whole albums. I have "True Balance" and "Sing Your Heart's Desire". Now I'm going to have to order whatever else you have because I don't want to miss anything"...Robyn

"I met you for the first time at Sonia's workshop 2 days ago. Your beautiful music and your magical voice left a profound impact on me. I memorized the lyrics as you made us sing along with you, and still can not get them out of my head. I sang your songs in my head on the flight back home, which was more relaxing than any meditations that I have ever done. I was just looking over the catalog of your CD's and I don't know which one to buy.  So I am thinking I should get them all"...Sophie

"I have continued to listen to your songs daily and I just wanted to let you know that I find your music to be soulful, comforting and very uplifting. Thanks so much." ... Mary

"Your music is an absolute gift. I am a veterinarian who works with horses and dolphins. I play your music when I am with horses and it "feels" to play an important part in all that is going on. Thank you, thank you, thank you." Heartfelt blessings, Carol 

"I am so centered, so at peace, when listening to your voice and words. You are so blessed with a gift of expressing from the heart...even words so often used are given greater meaning. They find my heart and enhance the feeling of God's Love enfolding my very being." ...Kathy....Mesa, Arizona

"I want to let you know that when you played the song, Born, I was moved in a way that I can't explain. You touch my soul and I can finally put words to the feeling I have had for the past three years...I love the simple words of your music that mean so much."...Joanna...Sacramento, CA

"I just can't express how much I enjoy your music. I bought three tapes from you and have been listening to them every chance I get, mostly in the car on my long drive to and from work. Even my 6 year old son likes your music. He'll dance around to the tape, My Oh My, which happens to be my favorite also. The song, "Testimony", is my very favorite. I think I could listen to it all day long. It gets my spirit soaring, has me singing along, and fills my heart just full of love."...Erika...Glendale, Arizona

"Like medicine to my soul, in your songs I found myself gently and gracefully being ushered home to the place of Light and what is right. Like children, all the songs are loved for their unique magic. So all are my favorite. Certain phrases stand out as affirmations as I go through my days."... Jan...New York City

"I can't tell you how much your CD, True Balance, has meant to me. It helped me to so perfectly facilitate my process. I can't stop listening to it. It is the best I've heard you do. I'm listening to it right now, in fact. The harmonies are so beautiful. The words are just what I needed to hear."...Matt...Anaheim, CA

I wanted to thank you for creating the song "If I Weren't Afraid". Every word in the song resonates with me. I just finished listening to it again and it has such an impact on me. It will be an integral part of my 'spiritual pathway'! ...Nancy...Boston, MA

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