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Copyright 2007-2017. Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights Reserved.

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I personally invite you to explore and listen to the music of

Mark Stanton Welch. His creations are self empowering and

help me to remember I am so much more than the circumstances in

which I find myself. His songs are singable and memorable.

I find that they are often companions throughout my day.

They seem to enter my consciousness at just the right time, just

when I need them. His songs are like friends that travel with

me hand in hand. Visit Mark’s web site catalog at

Mark Stanton Welch

 for all of his creations available online through PayPal or as immediate downloads.

Get Mark’s music and you will know why I want to share it...

may all of your moments be a blessing.

Open to the possible,

expect to receive

Trust the life there within you every moment

Act and you will be

Dancing freely in the oneness,

living out the dream

Tasting every morsel this life has to offer

Become harmony”

- from  O.E..T.A.

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Share the Music of Mark Stanton Welch...

...with endless gratitude and blessings.

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“...your music has had such an impact on my life as well as my families'. My husband and I met you at Goldbar several years ago. We have literally worn out your Holy Cafe CD. The music is so uplifting and inspirational that we start each day with it. I've incorporated it into my morning routine. I really relate to "Angels Laughing” and am soothed by, “I'm as God Made Me”. Obviously, as a Mother, I enjoy “Mother's Love” hoping that one day, my son will know just how precious he is and will always be...and of course, if only the world would order from the menu at the Holy Cafe, we'd be in a much better place.. Anyways, I just want you to know how much your music has impacted our lives! Thank you so much for your contributions to our happiness!! We love you!!!”...Barbara, Goldbar, WA

"Like medicine to my soul, in your songs I found myself gently and gracefully being ushered home to the place of Light and what is right. Like children, all the songs are loved for their unique magic. So all are my favorite. Certain phrases stand out as affirmations as I go through my days."... Jan...New York City

"I want to let you know that when you played the song, Born, I was moved in a way that I can't explain. You touch my soul and I can finally put words to the feeling I have had for the past three years...I love the simple words of your music that mean so much."...Joanna...Sacramento, CA

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