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Copyright 2007-2017. Mark Stanton Welch. All Rights Reserved.

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“Thank you, Mark, for re-awakening what I knew and introducing me to what I didn't. I am simply amazed and grateful for what transpired in just one encounter with your unconditional love and wisdom. Wow. I'm using your "Root" CD to reinforce and expand what I learned and continue to learn from you. I look forward to sharing this experience again”…Will

A Special Note from Mark…

We are at the launch point of the Now Age, a time when living fully in the moment in your expanded design is becoming the norm. The personal and collective changes are coming fast and shifting the forms of living into a higher vibration. In these new frequencies we are wise to align with all forms of support.

It has long been known in esoteric circles that the power of music is in its capacity to infuse Celestial vibration into the cells. Finding the Light infused frequencies is the adventure of the times. We are being guided to seek and find within and without that which serves to reawaken the dormant design of the I Am That I Am Expressing As Me. It is a gift that requires a leap of faith, some action that shows we are willing to activate the co-creative capacity to re-calibrate.

Since I witnessed the emotional impact of my creations in the late 80’s I have been inspired to find the source principles that are so impactful. My journey into understanding and exploring sound and vibration has delivered to me information and technique that I apply to all of my work. You are invited to partake. The new music coming in will be even more aligned with these Celestial vibrations.

By joining my mailing list you will be kept abreast of the developments in my Music for Every Soul monthly newsletter. In it I will be sharing the latest information and techniques, offering activities with which to embrace the new frequencies, apprise you of new creations, launches, projects, courses, writings, events, performances, and give special offers available only to subscribers. I am excited. The first issue will appear in early May.

Join now and be a part of the new flowing wave of waking up to live consciously and creatively…

Endless blessings to you!   …Mark Stanton Welch

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